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TENS Units

Shop our selection of electrotherapy devices including both analog and digital TENS, EMS and combination devices.  Choose a model that best suits your need from manufacturers like Biomedical Life Systems and ReliaMed.  We also offer a variety of electrodes and other accessories to help you get the maximum benefit from each treatment.

  • Biostim Impulse D5 TENS Unit
    $84.95 Biostim Impulse Tens D5 Unit
    Impulse Tens D5 4-1/5" x 2-8/9" x 1-2/5" 3-3/10 oz Weight, Clam Shape, Flip-Top Cover, Adjustable Pulse Rate and Pulse WidthThe Impulse Tens D5, dual channel digital Tens device, incorporates a clam shape design that when...

  • Biomedical Life Systems Impulse 3000
    $59.95 Biomedical Life Systems Impulse 3000T TENS Unit with Timer
    The new ergonomically designed device has the same parameters as its predecessor; adjustable pulse rate and pulse width, and has three modes of operation; constant, width modulation, and burst. This TENS unit with timer is...

  • Biostim Plus Digital TENS Unit
    $119.79 Biostim Plus Digital TENS Unit
    Biostim Plus Digital TENS Unit Accuracy at your fingertips! Handheld dual-channel, 4-lead TENS with large 2" LCD screen and digital keypad, alleviates chronic, post surgical and acute pain. Four...

  • BioStim M7 TENS Unit
    $84.95 BiostimĀ® M7 Digital TENS Unit Flip-Top Design
    BioStim  M7 TENS Unit Dual channel, TENS device with flip top design that when closed, covers the easy-to-use controls for additional safety. Inside flip cover includes digital LCD display. Has 7 modes...

  • Body Relax II by Zewa
    $79.95 Body Relax II
    Body Relax II -- Designed specifically for back pain. The Body Relax II soothes and stimulates tired, sore, and aching muscles. It relieves pain by sending electrical impulses through electrodes that are connected to the...

  • EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulator
    $78.25 EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulator
    EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulator Dual channel, analog EMS device that increases range of motion, reduces muscle disuse atrophy, re-educates muscles, prevents venous thrombosis, and improves blood...

  • Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit
    $48.95 Ultima 5 Digital Tens Unit Dual Channel W/Carrying Case
    A dual-channel five-mode device with two wave form adjustments and a large LCD screen. This device is remarkable for its function, and traditional looks mixed with new-age digital style. Also includes a soft carrying case...

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